China in Focus Full Headlines for October 15

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At least 46 are dead after an extremely fierce blaze in Taiwan. Sparked inside a 13-story building, it’s the island’s deadliest fire in years.

Netizens accuse Chinese authorities of inciting murder. The authorities are offering a higher reward for one criminal suspect’s body than for clues about his whereabouts.

LinkedIn is leaving China. The social networking platform says it’s getting harder to operate there because of the Chinese regime’s censorship rules.

Japan’s ruling party is vowing to double its defense spending to deter the Chinese military’s more aggressive behavior in the region.

The European Union plans to depend less on drugs from China after overreliance on China caused trouble for the EU in trying to source medicine amid the pandemic.

01:22 At least 46 dead, 41 injured in Taiwan fire
02:29 1 injured, 1 missing: chemical plant fire
03:19 LinkedIn to shut down operations in China
05:03 Japan proposes to raise defense budget
06:14 North Korean soldiers’ kung-fu show
06:38 #PutinonTaiwan: China doesn’t need to use force
07:13 May be ‘last chance’ to find COVID origins: W.H.O.
10:02 Chinese killer’s story draws public sympathy
12:30 Vid: China’s urban management force bullying local
13:29 Chinese officials: napa cabbage not vegetable
14:17 Witness exposes human rights abuses in Xinjiang
16:41 New CCP virus case in Inner Mongolia
17:35 Flood-hit villagers struggle to recover
20:50 Morgan Stanley upgrades China property sector
21:29 Europe to reduce dependence on China over medicine
21:53 EU looks to strengthen arctic influence

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