China in Focus Full Headlines for October 1

Published on October 1, 2021 by

LinkedIn has blocked the profiles of some American journalists in China. The company says it’s over “prohibited content.”

The United States stops a Chinese student from entering the country. He was sent back after arriving at an airport in Houston. It’s the fourth time it’s happened this year.

Tensions persist between Australia and China. It’s been a year and a half since China answered Australia’s phone calls. The Australian prime minister says Xi Jinping won’t pick up.

The organizer of an international sports game took down Taiwan’s flag to comply with Beijing’s policy. To show support for the island, nearly a dozen countries asked the organizer to have their national flags removed, too.

Power shortages wreak havoc in China. Key industrial regions are struggling with intermittent outages. But it doesn’t end there. Cement prices have also tripled.

00:46 Linkedin blocks U.S. reporters’ profiles in China
03:00 U.S. sends another student back to China
04:37 China won’t answer Australia’s phone calls
05:27 11 countries stand with Taiwan
06:28 ‘Fooling ourselves’: expert on US-China trade
12:37 China faces power shortage as winter nears
14:02 China’s cement prices are soaring
15:14 Evergrande seems to miss 2nd dollar bond pymt
16:46 China: hidden local gov’t debt is half of GDP
18:18 China-to-U.S. cargo ship rates skyrocket
19:18 China’s military tech touted at biggest air show

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