China in Focus Full Headlines for November 3

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What does pandemic-driven lockdown mean for someone living in China? For some, it could end in 7 months under strict stay-at-home measures, and being forced to get government approval in order to leave.

China reduces its international passenger flights by over 20 percent for the coming season. Some say that’s to prevent virus transmission in preparation for the coming Winter Olympics.

There may be more tariffs coming for China’s exports, after over 30 countries ended their preference trade agreement with China.

A top-notch U.S. nuclear submarine is found to have gone on a mission in the South China Sea— just steps away from China. The news was revealed after the sub got into an underwater accident. But Beijing is accusing the United States of keeping the details quiet.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Lockdown in Chinese city leaves locals trapped
04:55 Some Beijingers not allowed to enter Beijing
06:05 China reduces intl. passenger flights by 20%+
07:11 Netizens speculate over possible food shortage
09:09 32 countries may end #GSPTrade with China
10:58 U.S. nuclear submarine accident in South China Sea
12:52 Anti-CCP event held on Halloween in LA
14:49 Australia offers Hongkongers permanent residency
15:52 Germany may re-evaluate all Confucius Institutes
17:17 Credit Suisse to triple onshore China team
18:53 Top entrepreneurs attend CCP history seminar

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