China in Focus Full Headlines for November 27

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The United States is grappling with the global microchip shortage. And at the center of the crisis is Taiwan—home to the world’s biggest chipmaker.

China’s debt-trapped real estate developer is back in the spotlight. Evergrande’s chairman sold his shares to save the company, while another shareholder sold to save himself.

Beijing takes new action in its clampdown on Chinese internet giants. This time, it’s targeting China’s version of Facebook.

The Chinese Communist Party is covering things up, again. Photos and videos about Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai were made public outside China. But in China, they are censored.

A Seattle man returns home after being held hostage in China for four years. Alongside his return, the United States released seven prisoners back to China.

In the waters surrounding Taiwan and Japan, five countries are holding a joint military drill. They’re looking to counter Beijing’s aggression there.

00:00 Intro
01:08 U.S., Taiwan seek #Microchip cooperation
03:55 Evergrande shareholders sell shares, at big loss
05:15 China’s state-run firms limit use of WeChat
07:30 Countries consider a diplomatic boycott of Olympics
08:41 Seattle man returns home after 4 years as a hostage
09:40 China censors story of tennis player Peng Shuai
13:13 Jailed Chinese activist’s lawyer briefly detained
15:09 HK imposes South Africa travel ban over new variant
15:47 5 nations’ marines conduct Indo-Pacific drill
17:15 Japan takes active defense against China threats

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