China in Focus Full Headlines for November 25

Published on November 25, 2021 by

Chinese health authorities are welding people’s doors shut, locking people inside with steel chains, and lining hallways with barbed wire. The tactics seek to block people from leaving their homes. Beijing’s zero-COVID policy is an effort to completely eliminate the virus from inside Chinese borders. We look at what it really means for Chinese citizens.

For the first time in decades, Taiwan will join talks with more than 100 countries as ITSELF–not as part of China. The U.S. invited the self-ruled island to its “Summit for Democracy.”

JPMorgan CEO cracks a joke, that his bank will outlast China’s Communist Party. But Beijing may not be so amused.

And China sends out a flurry of “proof of life” videos amid global outcry for a Chinese tennis star. But the clips have done little to ease concerns. We hear more from a former U.S. Senator on what’s going on.

00:00 Intro
00:48 Living with China’s strict COVID-19 measures
04:48 U.S. invites Taiwan to democracy summit, irks China
06:49 Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan likely to outlast CCP
09:03 Safety concerns persist over Chinese tennis star
13:39 Chinese firms with military ties blacklisted
14:23 Italy wards off 3rd Chinese takeover in 2021
15:06 Chinese-run factory in Serbia under scrutiny
17:23 CCP’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ post bewilders netizens

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