China in Focus Full Headlines for November 20

Published on November 20, 2020 by

A title not seen since China’s Cultural Revolution has emerged. The Communist Party’s central committee dubbed leader Xi Jinping China’s ‘Helmsman.’ It’s the same term used to describe former leader Mao Zedong. That’s amid even more praise from state media.

Another billionaire entrepreneur was arrested in China. He’s the second in a matter of weeks.

Seven disabled elderly people nearly jumped into a river to their deaths. That’s after authorities took away their only means to make a living.

The Five Eyes alliance is criticizing China for its actions in Hong Kong. While China warned the five countries to be careful or they risk getting “their eyes poked out.”

And Australia’s prime minister tells China: “we will always be Australia.” That’s after Beijing complained about Australia’s support of freedom in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan. And about its decision to block Chinese companies from Australia’s 5G network.

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