China in Focus Full Headlines for November 17

Published on November 17, 2020 by

An entrepreneur in China was arrested for criticizing the regime. His company, complete with 30 subsidiaries and 9,000 employees, was taken over by authorities.

Crowds of people are lining up for CCP virus testing. The same scene is popping up all over the country in recent days, as concerns rise about possible new outbreaks.

In China, guilt isn’t always determined by laws and in courtrooms. For some, family status may just decide your consequences.

Taiwan’s environment has helped some mainland Chinese people see the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party. A petition calling for an end to the CCP has gained over 220,000 signatures. This, as the U.S. adds questions warning against communism to its Naturalization Test.

And, we explore a love and hate relationship. That’s between China and Taiwan, as well as other democratic countries. Beijing loves the business they bring, but seeks to destroy their freedoms and values.

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