China in Focus Full Headlines for November 16

Published on November 16, 2021 by

China is fighting the biggest Delta variant outbreak so far. But drastic measures to prevent further outbreaks are sparking complaints.

Beijing launches a new stock exchange. Experts say it could present a new way for the Chinese regime to strengthen its financial control and avoid foreign market rules.

As the United States and China compete for microchip leadership, some American firms are boosting Beijing’s chip ambitions.

A Chinese dissident shares his life-threatening story of how he managed to skirt death threats from China.

Will Australia step up to defend Taiwan, in the case of a Chinese invasion? One of the nation’s top leaders says “yes,” as long as the United States does, too.

00:47 China fights big Delta outbreak
03:26 China launches new stock exchange in Beijing
05:57 U.S. firms aid Beijing’s microchip ambitions
08:01 U.S. may consider China tariff cut: Sec. Yellen
09:03 U.N. climate deal clinched after drama over coal
11:24 Dissidents suffer from Beijing’s death threats
13:30 Australia would help defend Taiwan: minister
14:06 Taiwan president meets Honduran counterpart
15:21 WTA calls on China to probe assault allegations
17:07 HK opens art museum under national security cloud
20:19 Italian town resists Beijing demands to cancel art exhibit

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