China in Focus Full Headlines for November 13

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The Chinese regime is hinting at war. From a landing exercise simulating an invasion across the Taiwan strait, to increasing benefits for military members. Is the regime seriously preparing for an invasion? Or just launching an information war across the strait?

The United States holds firm on its commitment to the Indo-Pacific. The nation clarified that stance to two of its important partners in the region: Australia and Japan.

A top meeting of Communist Party officials has come to an end. Party leader Xi Jinping has become the country’s second-ever “helmsman”–after China’s first communist leader Mao Zedong.

And, thousands of Chinese taxis are lining streets in protest–honking their honks and clogging up traffic. The desperate drivers say they’re struggling to survive.

00:00 Intro
00:02 Is China gearing up for war?
15:33 Top official: U.S. is resident power in Asia
16:46 U.S. adm. reaffirms commitment to Japan
17:48 China may soon launch 3rd aircraft carrier: study
18:55 China’s communist leader hailed as ‘helmsman’
20:03 Mass taxi-driver strikes in China
21:37 Tiananmen sq. artist seeks HK security law exemption

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