China in Focus Full Headlines for November 12

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Beijing has promised to go carbon neutral by 2060. But many are questioning whether the reality of its energy production will allow it to live up to that vow.

A Chinese giant narrowly escapes, again. Debt-trapped real estate developer Evergrande managed to dodge default with a last-minute bond payment. But the move hasn’t eased concern.

A third term and five more years in power—that’s what could await China’s communist leader Xi Jinping. He’s just taken one step closer to that goal, with the approval of a new resolution.

How expensive is decoupling with China, really? Australia’s economic growth says “no,” while Europe is trying to learn from its example.

American basketball star Enes Kanter is under pressure. The NBA has asked him to remove his shoes, which call to “Free Tibet.”

00:55 #COP26: U.S., China agree on climate deal
02:59 Why it could be hard for China to quit coal
04:45 Evergrande dodges default again, concerns linger
06:11 TSMC to open new plant in Japan
07:37 Supply chain woes force manufacturing to leave Asia
10:01 China’s factory inflation hits 26-year high
10:52 Xi Jinping’s power consolidated at party meeting
12:23 Aussie shows decoupling with communist China is ok
14:23 Kanter: NBA asked me to take off ‘free Tibet shoes
16:16 ‘Covid caution’ for Beijing Olympics protest
17:05 Crash on Beijing Olympic luge track investigated
18:24 Record-breaking snowstorm kills 6.4m livestock
20:14 Authorities step up virus control measures
21:16 Crypto boom strains Kazakhstan’s energy grid

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