China in Focus Full Headlines for November 11

Published on November 11, 2020 by

Hundreds and hundreds of million dollar Chinese companies are in severe debt and filing for bankruptcy. This is due to the economic fallout caused by the Chinese Communist Party virus pandemic.

Over 3-hundred-million Chinese people have quit the CCP and related organizations online. And Slovakia passed a law defining the Communist Party as a criminal organization. It’s the sixth country from the previous Communist Bloc in East Europe to take action of this kind.

Confucius institutes are part of the “United Front” network of the Chinese Communist Party. This network has infiltrated every level of US society.

The US is fighting back, imposing sanctions on four more Chinese officials in Hong Kong.

And who will win the US election? This will have a huge impact on China’s fate. The lawsuits on election fraud are moving on, in different states.

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