China in Focus Full Headlines for March 6

Published on March 6, 2021 by

The U.S. may soon ease trade restrictions on China’s largest microchip maker. Former President Trump had put the company on a trade blacklist over its ties to the Chinese military.

A Chinese internet censor says he helped the Communist Party track down and arrest six netizens last year. He boasted about his power to suppress others in a video shared online.

An expert makes a major discovery while analyzing satellite images. He finds 16 new underground nuclear missile launchers built in China.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans say the U.S. should stand up against China’s human rights abuses. A survey says they value it more than fostering economic ties with the regime.

And U.S. colleges gain new power to resist Chinese influence. A new bill passes the Senate, targeting Beijing’s overseas Confucius Institutes.

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