China in Focus Full Headlines for June 25

Published on June 25, 2021 by

The Biden administration has imposed trade bans on five Chinese firms over concerns of forced labor in Xinjiang. Some of them manufacture silicon, used in solar panel production.

China’s space program appears to serve military purposes first and civilian needs second. A U.S. expert says that China could use its space program to cripple the American Economy, sending it back toward the 1970s.

How long does it take the Delta virus variant to spread from one person to another? A surveillance video shows that it can make the jump in as little as 14 seconds.

The Chinese ambassador to the United States is stepping down. But will his successor become another wolf warrior diplomat or a sheep?

One westerner’s fascination with Traditional ChineseCulture took him to China, but the experience didn’t live up to his expectations. It was only after he returned to the United States did he find the true China he had dreamed about—in a most unexpected place. We sit down with Jared Madsen to hear his story.

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