China in Focus Full Headlines for June 23

Published on June 23, 2021 by

Beijing furthers its narratives in the West, with help from Western faces. A Chinese state-owned media is recruiting overseas internet personalities to do it.

A Chinese city dubbed “the World’s factory” struggles to control the pandemic and flooding. A state of emergency announced on Tuesday. While schools, kindergartens, and nurseries are shuttered.

The U.S. lifts its ban on TikTok and WeChat. The Trump-era rule had tried to block Americans from downloading the Chinese-owned apps, citing national security concerns.

The first person charged under Hong Kong’s new national security law is going to trial. But the city’s Court of Appeal says no jury is required. The move breaks away from a nearly 200-year old precedent.

And, another blow strikes Chinese telecom giant Huawei, this time in Europe. A Swedish court upholds a ban, blocking the company from selling 5G equipment there.

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