China in Focus Full Headlines for July 29

Published on July 29, 2021 by

A 15-year-old survivor is opening up after escaping a flooded subway in China. She says dozens of people died in front of her while trapped inside—and even more remains were seen lying on the subway platform afterward.

Flooded subway cars in Zhengzhou city are taken away, with black cloth covering the windows. Netizens are questioning what the authorities are hiding.

New evidence has emerged surrounding China’s flood disasters. A video online shows Chinese authorities clashing with locals, who say the troops came to destroy local river embankments.

China’s Red Cross faces a serious accusation. A businessman says the organization embezzled thousands in donation funding.

American investors are rushing to divest from Chinese companies in the health sector, as fears rise that Beijing’s crackdown on private companies will hit the medical industry next.

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