China in Focus Full Headlines for December 4

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Americans seem to be changing their minds about the Chinese communist regime—drastically. For the first time ever, half of Americans consider it the top threat to the country.

The Chinese Communist Party says China is a democracy in its own form, as Beijing complains about a freedom summit hosted by the United States.

One nation in Europe is boycotting the Beijing Olympics. Its announcement comes while China blocks exports from the country.

iPhone sales have taken the lead in the Chinese market. Apple is snapping up market share left behind by Huawei, as the tech giant has remained on the decline for two years.

A major Chinese company plans to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s now feeling the pressure on two sides, from both the United States and China.

Half of China’s workforce reports a monthly income of less than $160. Communist Party officials, on the other hand, are getting rich.

00:00 Intro
01:08 52% Americans see China as top threat: Poll
02:20 U.S. responds to criticism over democracy summit
03:40 Get democratic yourself: Taiwan to China
04:17 U.S. nearly doubled its troops in Taiwan this year
05:19 Beijing buys up Taiwan’s allies
07:48 China blocks Lithuania’s exports
10:01 Apple becomes largest phone brand in China
10:38 #DiDi to delist from NY, seek listing in HK
12:26 Default threat increases for Evergrande, Kaisa
13:44 Evergrande says it’s likely to default
14:42 Global attention grows over tennis star Peng
18:36 Activist says IOC is putting Peng Shuai in danger
19:26 Half of all people in China earn less than $160/mo
20:33 HK: over $300m in pension funds withdrawn in Q3
21:56 5th round of mass testing in Chinese city

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