China in Focus Full Headlines for December 14

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The first case of the Omicron variant has been detected in China. ​​The discovery comes just weeks ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

A building dubbed China’s “Little Red Mansion” is shocking Chinese society after a brutal sex slavery case was exposed within its walls. The details are shedding light on the ugly truth of Shanghai police corruption, and those linked to it.

The Chinese Communist Party says its economy is on the up and up. But a number of state employees are reporting pay cuts up to 20 percent.

Extensive U.S. sanctions are angering Beijing. The regime’s foreign ministry warns of retaliation, while the penalties seek to address human rights abuses in the country.

Two long-time allies agree to strengthen their ties. The United States and Japan are upping their deterrence and response capabilities, looking to combat tensions in the Indo-Pacific.

00:00 Intro
01:05 China detects first case of Omicron: report
02:55 Japan expected to join diplomatic boycott
05:13 Groups urge NBC not to broadcast Olympics
06:48 Shanghai underground sex slavery case shocks China
11:32 China’s government workers report big pay cuts
14:46 China dominates discussions at G7 meeting
17:16 U.S. Treasury blacklists Chinese AI firm
18:25 China: Will ‘strike back’ at U.S. sanctions
19:23 Chinese firms own 20% of stake in Mercedes maker
20:40 U.S., Japan agree to fortify alliance
22:24 Australia, S. Korea sign $720M defense deal

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