China in Focus Full Headlines for December 11

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The United Nations chief plans to visit Beijing for the Olympics. The decision comes amid a diplomatic boycott by the United States and some of its allies.

Friday is International Human Rights Day. Numerous abuses have been reported as commonplace inside China and under other regimes. But now, people are standing up to offer a message of hope.

Chinese authorities are blocking human rights supporters from leaving their homes. But it’s nothing new, and has been happening annually for years around Human Rights Day.

A massive wave of unemployment is coming for China, warns a renowned professor.

Chinese regulators remove some 100 apps from the country’s app stores. They say the software bans result from collecting “excessive personal information.” That’s as the regime ramps up its grip on user data.

A central American nation turns away from Taiwan to embrace Beijing. But Taiwan’s president says pressure from authoritarian countries proves the island is on the right path.

00:00 Intro
01:14 Chinese media twists Olympic boycott reports
03:30 Beijing Olympics: athletes on chartered flights
04:09 Taking action for human rights
06:38 Chinese rights lawyers confined on human rights day
08:24 Uyghur Tribunal: Beijing committed genocide
11:04 U.S. senator to Airbnb: delist listings in Xinjiang
11:40 U.S. summit to fight global Corruption
13:39 Nicaragua breaks ties w/ Taiwan, turns to Beijing
15:19 China faces unemployment wave: prof. warns
18:03 China kicks 106 apps out of app stores
19:22 Fitch: China Evergrande has defaulted
20:18 What’s next for Evergrande’s foreign creditors?
21:07 HK’s Jimmy Lai convicted for Tiananmen vigil
22:17 UK carrier returns home from Indo-Pacific

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