China in Focus Full Headlines for August 7

Published on August 7, 2021 by

A Chinese citizen reportedly died after getting a Chinese-made vaccine. But authorities told his daughter to keep his death quiet.

A Chinese Olympic Silver medallist speaks out, saying her trainers systematically doped her. It comes amid increasing speculation about the gender of some Chinese athletes at the Tokyo games.

And the U.S. faces a nuclear threat from thousands of miles away. We dig into how the South China Sea could impact America’s future.

Special Report:
A nuclear threat is facing the United States from thousands of miles away—in the South China Sea.

Why does this body of water aid the Chinese Communist Party’s nuclear capabilities? How much control does Beijing really have over its waters? And how could Beijing’s South China Sea strategy threaten our fundamental freedom?

We break it down for you in this special report on the South China Sea.

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