China in Focus Full Headlines for August 4

Published on August 4, 2021 by

Chinese authorities blow up a dam, flooding several villages—in order to protect wealthier areas. What’s more, authorities banned all rescue efforts in the name of the pandemic.

China’s flood season isn’t over yet, and an epidemic already seems to be around the corner. Amid the water-logging and damages, a number of villages are now hugely contaminated by dead livestock.

Wuhan plans to test all of its 12 million residents for the virus. The city is facing a new round of rigorous pandemic prevention measures.

American Airlines is offering some customers 30 minutes of free access to TikTok. But cybersecurity experts warn that Beijing has used the video app to spy on Americans.

A nuclear power plant in China shuts down one of its reactors to fix a leak, more than a month after the problem was first announced to the public.

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