China in Focus Full Headlines for August 25

Published on August 27, 2021 by

Beijing opposes current sanctions against the Taliban. The stance falls in line with the friendly relations between them—but each with their own selfish motives.

An eastern Chinese city has been under lockdown for nearly a month. Residents in some areas aren’t allowed to go out—even for food.

Military exercises seem to become an everyday routine in areas close to China, with the United States, Australia, Japan, and India hosting drills near the South China Sea while Beijing held recent exercises in Tibet—sending a message to neighboring India.

China’s pork investment in South America sparks criticism. Argentine environmentalists launched a protest, opposing a possible deal with China to install mega pig farms.

00:48 Beijing stands against sanctions on Taliban
03:25 Residents under lockdown ask for food
05:34 Man takes stand against Chinese vax mandates
06:32 Woman attacked at Chinese police station
07:48 Beijing centers virus conspiracy on fort Detrick
10:37 Questions over CCP officials’ accountability
12:31 Quad begins military drills in Indo-Pacific
13:32 China’s drill in Tibet sends warning to India
14:14 Japan, Taiwan to meet despite CCP disapproval
15:23 D.O.J. brands H.K. media a foreign agent
16:31 Chinese auditors targeted in latest crackdown
17:59 Argentines protest pig farm deal w/ China


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