China in Focus Full Headlines for August 24

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Torrential rains hit northern China, causing floods and landslides. A local river embankment collapsed, leaving behind a 50-foot breach. ​​

Video reveals a large number of virus isolation wards in Shanghai. Yet officials say no new CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus cases were found on Sunday.

China’s top companies lost $3 trillion in total market value, amid Beijing’s efforts to tighten control on domestic businesses.

Beijing passes one of the world’s strictest data control laws. But it’s not aimed at protecting users. As a result, companies suffer, including foreign firms doing business in China.

In an unprecedented move by the Chinese communist regime, Beijing shuts down a local branch of a U.S. auditing company after it had investigated forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region.

00:56 Damaged river levee in Shaanxi causes flooding
02:22 2nd round of heavy rains strike central China
04:20 Residents question officials’ flood response
05:53 Patient isolation wards appear in Shanghai
07:38 Man clashes with lockdown security guards
09:06 CCP control causes loss across industries
10:06 China passes strict data privacy law
12:31 China may limit U.S. IPO-bound firms: report
13:40 China shuts down U.S. forced labor auditor
14:59 VP visits Southeast Asia, aims to deepen ties
17:05 U.S., Lithuania stand together against China
17:51 Costs and benefits of dancing professionally

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