China in Focus Full Headlines for August 18

Published on August 18, 2021 by

Over 3,000 fake vaccination cards from China are seized at the U.S. border. They’re even fitted with a counterfeit CDC logo.

Extensive waiting lines form at an airport in Shanghai. Chinese students there are waiting to board U.S.-bound flights, despite skyrocketing ticket prices.

China brings 300 study abroad programs to an end for college students. One-tenth of the shut-downs involve American universities.

Beijing ups its harsh rhetoric surrounding America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, while a China affairs analyst points out a major U.S. problem tied to China.

Beijing holds military drills near Taiwan. Eleven Chinese aircraft entered the island’s air defense zone, including two nuclear-capable bombers.

00:48 U.S. finds fake vaccination cards from China
01:54 Prices soar as Chinese students flock to U.S.
04:11 Beijing curbs students from going abroad
05:31 Xi Thought becomes mandatory in schools
06:18 Experts: what changes after Taliban takeover?
11:30 Chinese media condemned for promoting Taliban
13:06 China holds drills near Taiwan
14:06 Chinese authorities censor virus discussions
16:32 Beijing takes control of private oil refiner
18:21 Dancer: classical dance teaches selflessness

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