China in Focus Full Headlines for August 17

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Amazon cracks down on 50,000 Chinese sellers. Most of them are suspended for posting fake reviews or sending out gift cards in exchange for positive reviews.

All three of America’s most powerful nuclear submarines were reportedly sent into the Pacific Ocean—a rare move, as the three are all patrolling the same area at the same time.

The U.S. Strategic Command is sounding the alarm, saying the strategic breakout of China’s military is a cause for action.

Chinese state media declares China the winner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, despite the United States taking home the most medals.

Some elementary and middle school students in China must get vaccinated or they can’t attend school, according to local authorities, even though Beijing claims the shot isn’t mandatory.

00:52 Amazon suspends 50k Chinese sellers
01:51 U.S. sends nuclear subs to Pacific Ocean
02:50 U.S. ADM. warns of China’s nuclear power
04:08 Russia wraps up military exercises in China
05:12 State-run media claims Olympics win for China
06:32 HK’s biggest pro-democracy group ends
07:57 Authorities force students to get vaccinated
10:20 Woman dies after getting Chinese-made vaccine
12:23 Zhengzhou city to start 4th-round virus tests
14:07 China: families drown in floods overnight
16:33 Flood victims made homeless amid pandemic
19:28 China economy under pressure as growth slows
20:39 Expert: investment funds rethinking China

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