China in Focus Full Headlines for August 11

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New details have emerged about China’s mass quarantine strategy. Some quarantine cells don’t even have beds—forcing seniors and a young mother with a toddler to sit upright all night.

A growing number of Chinese residents say their contact tracking health codes are malfunctioning—showing a clean bill of health one minute, and then signs of possible infection minutes later.

As China battles its latest Delta-driven virus outbreak, another deadly disease is discovered in the country—with a fatality rate of over 80 percent. It’s the disease’s first human infection in China in 10 years.

A Chinese court upholds a Canadian man’s death sentence, while in Canada, lawyers make a final push to prevent a Chinese woman from being extradited to the United State.

00:52 China’s inhumane quarantine
04:07 China’s health tracking codes shift w/o cause
06:56 China to learn to coexist with virus?
08:56 Beijing: 1st pulmonary anthrax case in 10 yrs
10:20 China curbs private schools
12:32 Police break into classroom amid tutoring ban
13:42 China court upholds Canadian’s death sentence
15:30 Blinken calls out China over S. China Sea
16:55 TikTok overtakes FB as most downloaded app
17:58 Renault explores hybrid car venture in China
19:40 China sending spies to UK on Hong Kong visas
21:43 Olympics president stays silent on Uighurs
23:05 China confronts European country Lithuania

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