Canada and World Full Headlines for October 31

Published on November 1, 2020 by

On this episode of Global National: Indoor dining will be banned in Winnipeg after this weekend, as the coronavirus-stricken city shifts to red-level restrictions. Some restaurant owners say they shouldn’t be targeted, with new data pointing to different sources of the surge. Mike Le Couteur looks at why eating out remains off the menu.

Turning to the U.S. election, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are spending the final days of their presidential election campaigns in crucial swing states. But as Jennifer Johnson explains, a record number of mail-in ballots means the results may not be determined on election night.

Regardless of which candidate wins the election, Americans are bracing for violence and unrest. Sarah MacDonald reports from Portland, Ore., where tensions are already at a boiling point after weeks of racial justice protests and far-right demonstrations.

Plus, the high-stakes presidential election has captured the world’s attention. Crystal Goomansingh looks at how the results could change the future of foreign policy, economic relations and the pandemic’s path.

And while the novel coronavirus has changed how Halloween is celebrated this year, it hasn’t spooked creative Canadians. Mike Drolet explains.

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