Canada and World Full Headlines for November 6

Published on November 7, 2020 by

Tonight’s top story: Joe Biden is leading in the race against Donald Trump, as crucial battleground states continue counting outstanding ballots. As Jackson Proskow reports, that has Trump ramping up attacks on the electoral process.

U.S. President Donald Trump could be forced to exit the White House after one term in office, a rarity for any incumbent president. Eric Sorensen looks at how Biden was able to get ahead by flipping key states.

If Biden wins the White House, the earliest day Trump could lose power is Jan. 20, 2021: Inauguration Day. Jackson Proskow looks at what the next 75 days could hold.

Trump cannot win the election without Pennsylvania, where the ongoing vote count has Joe Biden in the lead. Mike Armstrong reports from Philadelphia, a city on edge.

Meanwhile, passionate supporters of Donald Trump are echoing his baseless claims that the election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor. Jeff Semple spoke with some of them in Detroit about their feelings on Joe Biden.

In this country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is urging Canadians to do more to help slow the spread of COVID-19, as new job data shows that long-term unemployment levels remain high across the country. As David Akin reports, it will take a vaccine to bring both numbers down.

Third time may be the charm for Joe Biden’s White House bids. Two weeks ahead of his 78th birthday, the veteran politician is preparing to take over one of the toughest jobs in the world. As Dawna Friesen reports, Biden has faced plenty of hardships.

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