Canada and World Full Headlines for November 19

Published on November 20, 2020 by

On this episode of Global National: With a surge of COVID-19 cases across Canada, British Columbia is one of the provinces expanding pandemic restrictions all over. Masks are now mandatory in indoor public and retail spaces. People are being urged to avoid non-essential travel outside their communities. And social interactions are being restricted to people in their own households. Keith Baldrey breaks down the details of the new rules.

And the threat of another lockdown looms as Ontario’s COVID-19 infections rise. But both parents and the province say they are not keen on shutting down schools. Mike Drolet explains why school closures are complicated, even if they pose a potential health risk.

In the U.S., health officials are urging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving next week, as the pandemic spirals out of control. Deaths are surging across the country, and doctors are facing tough choices on who they will be able to treat. But as Jackson Proskow reports, there’s still a lack of unified leadership that’s making the situation even more dangerous.

The pandemic is worsening throughout Europe, as COVID-19 infections and deaths surge, pushing hospitals and health workers to the brink. Crystal Goomansingh explains what officials are urging more people to do, in order to keep health systems afloat.

Also, the Trudeau government is proposing a new law that promises Canada will be more aggressive in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and reach net-zero by 2050. But as Abigail Bimman reports, the ambitious plan still lacks details on how it will reach its goals.

Canada is vowing to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change. But how are other countries planning to reduce their levels? Eric Sorensen takes a look at the global efforts, and what action we could expect from U.S. president-elect Joe Biden.

Plus, an independent review into harassment within the RCMP has found the force’s culture is “toxic and tolerates misogynistic and homophobic attitudes.” Thousands have already come forward with detailed stories of assault, bullying and despair. As Carolyn Jarvis reports, problems run so deep, the fundamental change needed may not be possible from within the force.

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