Canada and World Full Headlines for January 17

Published on January 18, 2021 by

In our top story: Federal and provincial leaders have urged Canadians to avoid non-essential travel, internationally and domestically to contain COVID-19. With the exception of Atlantic Canada and the territories, most of the country has not been subject to interprovincial travel restrictions but this week British Columbia raised the possibility. Premier John Horgan is consulting with experts if it’s worth imposing limits on people coming from other provinces and if it’s even legal. Julia Foy reports.

Much of Canada has tough COVID-19 restrictions, but Alberta has started to ease its measures. On Monday, outdoor gatherings will again be permitted and hair salons can once again take appointments. The provincial government says it’s being cautious by reopening slowly, but as Heather Yourex-West explains, Alberta’s healthcare system is still under a lot of strain.

The U.S. military remains on high alert Sunday in Washington, D.C., ahead of the inauguration Wednesday of president-elect Joe Biden. Within hours of being sworn in, Biden plans to reverse some of Donald Trump’s controversial policies. Jennifer Johnson has more on the Democrat’s plan for his first day in office.

State capitols across the U.S. are preparing for any insurgence ahead of Biden’s inauguration. On Sunday, there were calls for Trump supporters to protest the results of the presidential election, but for the most part, it was quiet. Even so, there are concerns the smallest spark will ignite a fire of protests. Mike Armstrong reports from Pennsylvania.

The occupant of the White House can make a big difference for Canada. The transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden could impact everything from trade to the way Canadian politicians talk about each other. David Akin reports.

Ireland’s prime minister, Micheál Martin, and the head of the Catholic Church in that country have formally apologized for how thousands of unmarried mothers and their children were treated. The long-awaited report into the so-called “Mother and Baby Homes” found evidence of rampant infant mortality. More than 9,000 children died at the church-run institutions. As Redmond Shannon explains, many survivors say the report and the apology falls short.

Experts in infectious diseases have been helping the public understand COVID-19. In a short period of time, these doctors have become household names. Jeff Semple discusses some of these doctors’ own experiences during the pandemic.

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