Canada and World Full Headlines for February 25

Published on February 26, 2021 by

On this episode of Global National: Canada’s new top soldier, Admiral Art McDonald, has stepped aside from his post. In January, McDonald took over the chief of the defence staff job from Gen. Jonathan Vance who was accused of inappropriate behaviour, and now, both men are at the centre of investigations. David Akin reports.

With two chiefs of the defence staff, McDonald and Vance, now under investigation, how are rank-and-file members reacting? Mercedes Stephenson reports.

And Alberta’s government has tabled its 2021 budget, forecasting a $18.2 billion deficit for the year ahead. Heather Yourex-West breaks down the province’s spending strategy, which includes a $1.25-billion COVID-19 contingency provision, and what’s missing from the high-stakes plan.

Looking at the coronavirus pandemic, cautious optimism is spreading worldwide that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be over. Amid fears over new variants, and a patchwork of vaccine rollouts, Eric Sorensen explains what’s keeping people hopeful about the future.

Plus, the Canadian government has broken its promise to create a watchdog to investigate human rights abuse complaints linked to Canadian companies operating overseas. Jasmine Pazzano reports on the serious allegations against Yamana, a Canadian company mining gold in Brazil and how Ottawa isn’t properly investigating cases like this.

Canadians have been spreading reports of their store-bought butter being firmer than usual. Ross Lord explains what’s fuelling “buttergate” and how farmers aren’t laughing.

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