Canada and World Full Headlines for February 21

Published on February 22, 2021 by

In our first story tonight: One of the women accusing Canada’s former top soldier Gen. Jonathan Vance of inappropriate behaviour is speaking out. Mercedes Stephenson has more from the exclusive interview.

New travel restrictions in Canada go into effect tonight. Anyone flying into the country must quarantine for up to three days in a hotel on a designated list. But as Abigail Bimman explains, some say the price tag and tight rules are unfair.

A grassroots organization based out of Ottawa has shipped more than 1.5 million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Indigenous communities across Canada, highlighting the need for additional supports in remote parts of the country. Morganne Campbell reports.

The power is back in most parts of Texas following a cold snap, but millions of Americans are still facing a critical shortage of clean drinking water and food. As Jennifer Johnson explains, the state’s governor is promising an investigation into why the deep freeze plunged Texas into chaos.

Vatican City is easing back from the decree on COVID-19 vaccinations in the face of heavy criticism. It comes after the head of the city state’s government suggested employees who refuse to get vaccinated without a valid medical reason could be fired. Redmond Shannon has more.

Plus, there are fewer than 400 North Atlantic right whales in the world. Ross Lord looks at restrictions that balance saving the whales and allow the fishing industry to keep doing business.

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